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BBA has a range of professional services to assist clients to purchase a business depending on their particular requirements. Some clients simply require assistance with identifying a business to buy and become a BBA online member and others prefer BBA’s involvement through each stage of the purchase process. Some clients simply require BBA to prepare an offer and negotiate the deal, to save thousands of dollars

No matter what the request, each client is assigned a personal BBA Business Manager to provide assistance and guidance throughout the purchase process.

BBA services are designed for a buyers specific needs and can be classified as follows:

  • Online Members
  • Exclusive Search
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • International Buyers
Become an Online Member

Let BBA do the searching for you

If you are searching for a business to buy in a specific industry and have a location in mind then the BBA Online MEMBERSHIP SEARCH is for you and will save you time, money and headaches.

By becoming a BBA Online member, BBA will continually search the most current business listings in the marketplace to match what you are looking for. Simply complete the online enquiry form which will assist us with your personalised business search or give BBA a call and we will do the rest.

On receipt of your online enquiry, a BBA consultant will contact you to discuss your membership in more detail and the fees associated with your search.

Membership is for a three month search period. BBA is so confident that it will find a match, that if after three months there have been no matches, they will extend the search period for a further three months at no cost to you.

BBA will assign a personal Business Manager to be fully responsible for your search and keep you updated on results on a regular basis. Matching businesses will be verified for accuracy and currency and if they qualify for further investigation, your Business Manager will prepare a report summarising the findings and business details for further assessment.

For more information on the Online Membership, please give BBA a call or send an enquiry request for further information.

Have an Exclusive Search

There are many situations when a buyer is not sure what to buy and what might suit their needs in terms of the type of business and financial returns or alternatively they may have a range of businesses they are interested in. In these situations, where a buyer has uncertainty as to a business purchase, BBA provides an Exclusive Client Service.

This service provides the opportunity to discuss businesses currently on the market and what is available that best suits the buyers short and long-term goals. BBA is also able to provide a full package of services including a personalised business search, business assessments, negotiation services and assistance throughout the settlement process.

To discuss your personalised requirements or to arrange a meeting with a BBA business manager please contact us.

Contact us to discuss Mergers and Acquisitions

BBA’s Corporate service is designed for companies looking at mergers and acquisitions. Some companies identify businesses of interest and instruct BBA to investigate the business in more detail as an independent third party and others provide a brief of business types they would be interested in acquiring, instructing BBA to find a business within their brief.

BBA is the buyer’s agent and represents the buyer in investigating acquisition possibilities and negotiating on their behalf to secure the best deal available. BBA offers a confidential and discreet service to assist the clients in achieving its goals

To discuss your personalised requirements or to arrange a meeting with a BBA business manager please contact us.

Need advice - International Buyers

BBA is a priority contact for International buyers interested in purchasing a business in Australia.

Whether a small business or large corporate acquisition, BBA is able to assist buyers with their Australian investment requirements. BBA offers a network of resources to assist a buyer through the Australian foreign investment guidelines.

To discuss your personalised requirements or to arrange a meeting with a BBA business manager please contact us.