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The Business Search - let us help you with finding the right business.

We can save you time , money and stress and help find the right business for you. Searching for a business to buy can be an extremely frustrating exercise. There are thousands of businesses on the market at any one time and unfortunately, not all businesses are as they appear.

Good luck searching for the right business to buy through conventional methods. You can approach business brokers and agents, search on websites or directly approach businesses of interest, but all methods take time and many lead to nowhere. Many businesses are not even advertised to the public and are sold privately hence you don’t get a look in.

Dealing with business broker or agents direct is helpful, however remember that they act for the vendor and not you, the buyer and only have a limited number of businesses on their books at any one time. Let BBA do the searching for you.

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The BBA Search Engine

BBA is not affiliated with any business brokerage firm and therefore is impartial in its dealing with business brokers. The result is that BBA is in a unique position of obtaining businesses for sale information from brokers shortly after being listed. BBA has an independent internal business search engine of businesses for sale throughout Australia. Listings and information is provided by business brokers and agents and is one of the most up to date and concise internal businesses for sale search engines available.

The search engine enables BBA to quickly identify a buyers needs and match these needs with the businesses currently available on the market. With business brokers and agents downloading their latest listings on the BBA search engine means we can provide you, as the buyer with the most recent information available and provide a search report of results.

When BBA is engaged to provide a business search, a BBA Business Manager is assigned to the buyer. The business manager is to guide the buyer through the search process and be accountable for the business search. Search results are documented and a summary report of suggested businesses is prepared and discussed with the buyer.

Matching business are verified for accuracy and currency and assessed as to whether they qualify for further investigation. To have a successful search your Business Manager must be fully aware of your requirements and motivations to own a business. To discuss our business searches and what is required please contact BBA

The Investigation - let’s get the facts and see if it stacks up

BBA can assist you with assessing the business and determining its market value. Identifying a business to buy that appears to be operating successfully is an exciting moment. Emotions can take over and decisions clouded by promises and expectations.

Many businesses are not what they appear to be or in some cases are just jobs. Some are advertised as a Walk In Walk Out (WIWO) sale, which immediately raises concerns. It is at this point that a non-emotional, realistic assessment of the business should be undertaken. All aspects of the business need to be addressed including but not limited to trading history, personnel, operations, location, growth and financial returns.

BBA can provide a business assessment to assist you with your decision. This assessment is completed before an offer is made and before too much time has been invested both financially and personally. This assessment may highlight many issues that need to be addressed during due diligence or request information that is required before an offer is tabled.

Whilst BBA are not sworn valuers, they have significant experience in determining a market value range for a business. The value of a business includes many factors but ultimately it is based on its operations and recent financial performance whilst the value to a buyer is the potential to grow the business to obtain a reasonable return and increase the overall value for an eventual sale.

Remember, a purchaser will pay what the business is worth at the time but will buy it for its future growth. Conditions of sale are an important component of a purchase. BBA can assist the buyer in determining an expected purchase price and ensure conditions are included that will assist the buyer through the purchase process. BBA are able to assist buyers in making a decision to proceed to negotiation stage or withdraw from proceedings. Having a third party assess a potential business prior to an offer is an important stage of the purchase process.

Have BBA assist you in assessing the business, Contact BBA to discuss further. Our specialists are there to assist you with your decision.

Negotiating - Let us get you the best deal.

Our professional negotiators can help you save thousands of dollars by negotiating the purchase price and terms of a business on your behalf.

The greatest savings to be made on a business purchase is at the negotiation table. Negotiations are not just about price but also include various conditions and timing of events.

BBA are professional negotiators. We know how businesses are priced and marketed and understand the issues and conditions of a purchase to provide the best deal for a business buyer. BBA takes the emotion out of negotiations and deals directly with the brokers, agents or sellers, to obtain the best price and conditions for the buyer.

Our negotiation fees are fixed and agreed so the buyer can assess all costs relating to the purchase. A fixed fee is transparent whereby a percentage fee charged on the purchase price is not in the buyers interest. Notwithstanding typically the savings made on negotiations far exceed the negotiation fee.

BBA takes the emotion out of dealing with business brokers. Brokers are professional negotiators and rely on many tactics, particularly dealing with a buyers passion, inexperience and enthusiasm to get the maximum price for their clients. Having BBA negotiate on your behalf will get you the best result. The brokers know it.

Having BBA as your professional negotiators to purchase a business will save you thousands of dollars. BBA will ensure your offer covers all conditions and forms part of a Heads of Agreement and/or contract of sale. Our professional negotiators will make sure you get the best deal. Have a dedicated BBA negotiator close your deal. Give us a call to find out how.

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Settlement - Holding your hand step by step.

Finding the right business to buy is time consuming and eventually presenting an offer that is accepted can be a challenge, but the deal is not complete until settlement. Leading up to settlement can be a lengthy process and will involve both your accountant and solicitor, ensuring all your interests are covered, particularly from a tax and legal perspective.

BBA can assist through the total process and work closely with your professional advisors to ensure a smooth process. The Heads of Agreement, prepared on offer will stipulate certain conditions to be met and times that must be adhered. BBA can assist step by step throughout the process and provide support at each stage.

Conditions may include: Due Diligence - Trial period - Landlord approval - Finance approval - Franchisor approval. The list depends on the type of transaction taken place.

Let BBA help you throughout the purchase process. Give us a call to discuss

Achieving Your Ongoing Business Goals and Targets

Resources - do you need additional assistance.

BBA can assist you with our network of professional services and help you get the best advice.

Navigating our clients through the business buying stages are just the first steps of purchasing the right business. At BBA we go beyond just helping you with your business search and purchase. BBA can also connect you with the right resources to help you through the settlement process or assist you with achieving your ongoing business goals and targets

We have an extensive network of professional services such as accountants, solicitors, financiers, insurers and business consultants available to assist if required.

Our BBA business managers are happy to connect you to the right people. Call us now

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