Business Buyers Advocacy Melbourne

Business Buyers Advocacy is a leading Australian Business Buyers Agency working exclusively for business buyers to purchase the right business with the right conditions at the right price.

BBA provides a full business buying advocacy service throughout Australia. From business searches, investigations, negotiations through to settlement, we help you throughout the entire process.

We assist buyers searching for businesses from small operations to corporations looking at acquisitions and mergers and provides specific services to cater for buyers searching for a business for less than $100k to acquisitions exceeding $10m.

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What We Do

BBA represents the business buyer through various stages of a business purchase and are proudly exclusively the buyer's agent. We understand that every buyer has varying needs and have structured our services accordingly.

Our unique online membership enables buyers to have access to the latest business listings and have us do the business search for them. For those unsure what they are after, we provide a personal Exclusive Business Search to identify and match their needs. And for Corporate and International buyers, we provide a discreet and confidential service which includes business searches, business assessments and negotiating services. BBA will save you time and money and work with you to get the right business with the right conditions at the right price.

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How we help our Buyers

We Do The Business Search

“Helping you through the business search maze”

We can save you time and money...

We Investigate The Business

“Is it worth

We can assist you with assessing the business...

We Negotiate The

“We’ll get you the best deal”

Our professional negotiators can help you save...

We Assist You Throughout The Settlement

“Working with you until settlement”

We can assist you with Due...

We Can Provide The Resources

“Get the best advice to grow your business”

We can assist you with our network of...