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Business Buyers Advocacy Australia

Business Buyers Advocacy is a leading Australian Business Buyers Agency working exclusively for business buyers to purchase the right business with the right conditions at the right price.

BBA provides a full business buying advocacy service throughout Australia. From business searches, investigations, negotiations through to settlement, we help you throughout the entire process.

We assist buyers searching for businesses from small operations to corporations looking at acquisitions and mergers and provide specific services to cater for buyers searching for a business for less than $100k to acquisitions exceeding $10m.

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Who are Buyer’s Agents?

Buyer’s agents are business market professionals who represent the buyer’s financial interests in a Business Buying transaction. Buyer’s agents are exclusively hired by a prospective Business-buyer to investigate, research and negotiate the purchase of a business on behalf of the buyer, while assisting and guiding them through every step of the business buying process.

The primary role of a buyer’s agents is to :

  • Help the buyers with arranging the finance
  • Service the buyers and help them find the right business
  • Educate and Inform the Buyers on the market conditions
  • Guide them throughout the process and represent their interests
  • Submit and negotiate offers on the buyer’s behalf
  • Refer the buyers to reliable professionals
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How We Help Our Buyers?

What We Do?

BBA represents the business buyer through various stages of a business purchase and are proudly exclusively the buyer's agent. We understand that every buyer has varying needs and have structured our services accordingly.

Our services range from providing a complete package of individual services that include identifying businesses to buy that match their requirements, assessing the business and preparing Business Assessment reports, determining business values, preparing purchase offers and Heads of Agreement and negotiating on behalf of the buyer to get the best deal at the right price and conditions and thereafter assisting the buyer through the Due Diligence and Settlement period.

To assist you throughout the entire process, BBA will assign a business manager to provide you with a personal service, and help you get the right business deal at the right price.

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Why Choose BBA?

Here at Business Buyers Advocacy Australia, our buyers' agent service our clients through the entire process of purchasing a business in Melbourne. We provide services to assist with searching for the right business, assessing the business in terms of operational performance, financial stability and growth potential. We also provide a service to prepare and negotiate an offer to ensure the buyer obtains the best price and terms and thereafter assist the buyer throughout the settlement process. We help all business buyers, from small retail businesses to large corporate acquisitions.

If you or your company are looking to buy a business in Australia, BBA can help you. As the leading professional buyers advocate in Melbourne, we’ll guide you through the entire sales process. To find out more, contact Business Buyers Advocacy today for a confidential discussion about your business needs

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