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Why we are helping you to sell your business

BBA as business buyer’s advocates know what buyers are looking for and why some businesses sell and others don’t. Genuine buyers will make decisions based on the information available. There are thousands of businesses for sale at any one time and the challenge is to ensure your business is seen and is ready for sale.

When we search for businesses for our clients, if a business is not marketed correctly, does not have the required information available or there are delays in receiving information, then it’s most likely we will not look any further at that business. Time is important and we look for genuine business opportunities ready for sale.

By helping sellers we are helping buyers. By ensuring sellers are ready to market their business means buyers time is not wasted and deals can be done. Genuine buyers for ready sellers.

Buyers Agent

How we help business sellers

We know what type of marketing attracts buyers and the content in the advertising that will create interest and follow up.

We know what information must be available in the initial stages for buyers and what should not be presented. There must be enough information for a buyer to assess the business and presented in a format to maximise further enquiries

We understand that confidentiality is paramount and that potential buyers should be screened before any confidential information on the business is released

We know for a deal to be done it must be a win/win for both parties – both seller and buyer

We know that paying a commission on the sale of a business can be expensive – up to 8% of the sale price

We know some business brokers are not presenting business in the best interest

We know your time is valuable

We know, you know your business best

We can help you sell your business and save you thousands in commission

What we Do

Get a good understanding of your business and how it can be best presented to genuine buyers

Obtain information on your business to ensure that information required in the initial stages for buyer enquiry is available.

Work with you on an asking price with market comparisons that will give you some room for negotiating but realistic enough to have buyer interest

Prepare advertising copy that will attract buyers interest

Coordinate advertising to eight (8) prominent “business for sale” websites

  • Take all enquiries and follow up on all buyer leads on your behalf
  • Keep you updated on all lead developments and the progress of enquiries
  • Qualify buyers and forward Confidentiality Agreements to those that are serious buyers
  • Prepare your Business Profile on your business
  • Forward the Business Profile to those that have agreed to the terms in the Confidentiality Agreement
  • Answer all buyer queries and short list buyers for individual meetings
  • Introduce priority buyers to you and arrange meetings
  • Facilitate the meeting and assist both seller and buyer to come to a win/win agreement on the sale/purchase
  • Prepare a Heads of Agreement including terms and condition of sale

BBA involvement in assisting you with your sale

BBA will need to get a good understanding of your business and how it can be presented to maximise buyer enquiry. In most cases we would like to meet with the vendor prior to preparing any documentation to make sure the sale process is clearly outlined.

BBA will prepare all documentation which includes the Business Profile, advertising copy and co- ordinating website advertising. Once advertised, BBA will take all buyer enquiries, follow up on leads, distribute relevant information to qualified buyers, organise meetings and assist as a facilitator between both buyer and seller to come to an agreement to buy/sell the business.

Business agent
Typically a sale occurs within three – four months of the commencement of the sales campaign. BBA will continue to take leads and act as a facilitator up to six months from the commencement of the sales campaign.

BBA is not representing you or the buyer at the negotiating table but simply acting as a facilitator to get a deal done in the interest of both parties. This positioning as a “go between” creates an environment of support for both parties and is conducive to coming to an agreement

You know your business best but BBA will be providing guidance to both parties in the interest of both parties – that’s how deals are done. For the best outcome it needs to be a – win/win

How we can save thousands of dollars in commission

At BBA we always felt that the commission a Business Broker charged was a significant impact on what a seller realised on a sale. Whilst marketing a business is an inherent cost, the typical 8% commission on the sale price in addition to advertising was excessive.

BBA charges a fixed professional fee to assist with facilitating the sale process. BBA’s fee is a fixed cost of $7,000 + GST payable in instalments, which includes all advertising over eight “business for sale” websites.

Payment is in instalments as follows:

  • On initial instructions $1,500 + GST
  • Completion of Business Profile $2,500 + GST
  • Three (3) monthly instalments of $1,000 + GST commencing from date advertising is placed

Why have BBA assist you with your sale

  • We know what buyers want
  • We know what attracts buyers and what doesn’t
  • We know what information is needed to get a deal done
  • We are impartial – working with both you and the seller for a win/win result
  • We don’t charge commission
  • We are not an online marketing business
  • We want to meet with you and guide you through the sale process
  • We will assist you with your sale and guidance through to settlement
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 Searching for a business to buy

Contact BBA

If you are thinking of selling your business, please feel free to contact BBA to discuss how we can assist you and save you thousands in commission.

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