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Business Buyers Agents Brisbane

Brisbane has seen a growth in population, mainly due to the warm climate, with many looking for opportunities at investing in a business. At BBA, our business buyers advocate Brisbane team have helped individuals, companies, and private equity firms buy and sell businesses in and around Brisbane.

BBA are exclusive business buyer advocates, we assist genuine buyers to find the right business to acquire and assist business sellers to have their business market ready for genuine buyers.

Speak to a member of our buyers agent Brisbane team today to find out how we can help you with acquiring a business to buy, or if looking at selling, how we ensure your business is ready for sale and expertly marketed to genuine buyers.

Buying a business in Brisbane - Business Buyers Brisbane

Our business buyers Brisbane clients have lifestyle as a high priority when assessing a business to purchase. Whilst all other factors need to tick the box including profit, growth and sustainability, lifestyle is high on the list.

Different from most other states, our clients have a greater balance in terms of “work and play”. Businesses are sought where there is flexibility in hours and workload.

Acquiring businesses already operating under management is a high focus as this enables our buyers advocate Brisbane clients to have more freedom and apply their skill set in growing the business, whilst leaving the day to day operations to an already established manager.

This trend may be due to the age of our clients which are typically in the 45 -55 year old age bracket. With available funds and previous experience, they are searching for a business that provides security and flexibility.

If you are looking for a business in Brisbane or further along the coast, let’s have a chat and find out how BBA’s buyers agent Brisbane team may be able to assist you.

Company Acquisitions and Mergers

Over the years, the BBA’s buyers broker Brisbane team has helped individuals, companies, and private equity firms, both local and international, expand their enterprise. We have built up a network of firms and companies that are keen on new opportunities to grow.

Both Private Equity firms and family companies have their charters as to what they will acquire and how much they are willing to invest. As we are privy to this knowledge, we know what type of businesses they are interested in and where they are looking.

Our confidential approach will ensure that the integrity of any merger or acquisition is maintained throughout the process.

Selling a Business through Business Brokers in Brisbane

As a leading business advocacy firm in Brisbane, we know why some businesses sell and why others don’t. As buyers advocates we know what genuine buyers want and what areas of negotiations are important to have a successful sale.

Business Buyers Advocacy Brisbane business brokers are able to have your business ready for sale to genuine buyers and save you thousands in commission.

You know your business and we know what buyers want, which is why we are committed to getting you the best price for your business. A free consultation is all it takes to put your business in the market to the right suitor.

Our Business Buyers Advocate Brisbane team are here for you

Whether you are looking to purchase a business in Brisbane or looking at business selling and seeking business brokers in Brisbane, BBA is here to help. To book a free consultation, Call Us today on 1300 207 431, and we’ll help you get started.

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