Why BBA?

About Business Buyers Advocacy

BBA was established to protect business buyers and provide them the support and assistance to confidently buy businesses knowing that there was an independent and exclusive agency to support them.

BBA provides the services to assist buyers throughout the business purchase process to find the right business on the right terms at the right price.

Whilst there are hundreds of business brokers acting on behalf of the vendor (seller) to get them top dollar for their business, buyers were left to their own devices, relying on the advice of the same Business Broker to assess a business.

BBA is exclusively the buyers agent and is the buyers advisor. BBA is unique and totally independent of Business Brokers, in that, they do not also sell business or have a conflict of interest, pretending to act for buyers as a buyers advocate whilst also working for a business brokerage firm as a business broker.

This independence and one focus, to get the best deal for the business buyer makes BBA unique and exclusive. There is no conflict of interest or receiving commission from sellers whilst supposedly providing advice to the buyers.

Being an exclusive buyers agent means a commitment to the buyer to represent them to get the right business on the right terms at the right price.

BBA provides services to search for businesses, investigate the operations and financials and ultimately negotiating and assisting step by step through to a successful settlement.

BBA works for the buyer


As one of Australia’s most experienced and exclusive business buyers advocacy firms, BBA is able to represent clients through the total process of purchasing a business.

With over seventy thousand businesses and companies on the market for sale at any one time, finding the right business to buy is a challenge. We assist buyers searching for small business operations to large corporate acquisitions and mergers.

Our services range from providing a complete package of individual services that cover the business search through to settlement, including:

  • Finding you the right business.
  • Assigning you your personal BBA business advocate to assist you through the process.
  • Assist with Due Diligence.
  • Negotiate on your behalf to get you the best deal, price and terms
  • Prepare heads of Agreements and letters of offer.
  • Provide you total independence - as we are not business brokers.
  • Provide honest and direct feedback.
  • Work closely with your accountant and solicitor so you get the best advice.
  • Help you step by step through the purchase process.
  • Provide professional resources as required.
  • Ensure a smooth settlement and handover.
  • Our role as your buyers advocate it to get you the right business on the right terms at the right price.

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