Why BBA?



BBA is a leading Business Buyers Advocacy in Australia

Buying a business is a major life decision. It is not only a financial investment but also an emotional investment. You need to get it right.

Whether it be searching, investigating or negotiating, we can assist you at all stages of the purchase process.

Relying on Business Brokers to represent you in negotiations is not recommended particularly when their commission is linked to the sale price. Their client is the seller not you, the buyer. Have BBA be on your side and let us help you through the business broker jargon and get you the best deal.

Having BBA involved will help you make the right decision.

We will assist you throughout the purchase process

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BBA understands that corporate buyers have various needs and we have structured our services accordingly.

Some companies are searching for specific acquisitions, whether they are bolt on businesses or industry specific. BBA has a team of researchers that are able to identify companies as per their specific brief and approach the company decision makers in a discreet and confidential manner.

Many businesses and companies are purchased “off market” often after businesses that were “not for sale” becoming “for sale”.

Some corporate clients have a broad acquisition brief. BBA has a strategic approach to acquisitions of this nature with monthly search stages and a success fee.

Whether it be a specific or general acquisition brief, BBA provides a confidential and discreet approach with identifying suitable companies that match their brief and make contact with decision makers to gather information to determine suitability and acquisition potential.

Having BBA represent your company provides you anonymity and results.

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Don’t pay 8% of your sale price plus advertising to a business broker when you can sell your business from only $7,000 + GST.

As business buyers advocates we know what buyers want and why acquisition decisions are made. We know what information we need available to assess a business for buyers. There are thousands of businesses on the market at any one time, so you need your business to stand out, be seen and be ready for sale.

Selling a business is about timing. Many good businesses for sale go stale over time having not been sold or have been overlooked by genuine buyers due to ineffective marketing of the business.

BBA will prepare your business for sale to attract genuine buyers. We will prepare the required paperwork and tailored advertising, qualify all leads and assist you through the sale process to get a deal done.

By helping you, we are helping buyers. We will make sure your business is seen, relevant information is available to make a decision, qualified buyers are presented to you, facilitate negotiations and prepare the agreement.

You know your business best but BBA knows what buyers want. Let us help you find your buyer.

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Selling Your Company - Mergers & Acquisitions.

If you are looking at selling your company or looking at a funding arrangement for expansion, growth, restructure, joint venture or succession planning, BBA can assist you.

We have relationships with many Australian and International Private Equity firms and investors that are looking for opportunities to buy or invest. Each company has their own charter and buyout/investment criteria.

When we present companies to our corporate clients they know we have addressed their investment charter and therefore they know that the business is worth investigating further.

BBA can match you with preferred partners that are looking for acquisitions or investments in a confidential and discreet manner.

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