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BBA acts exclusively for the business buyer. A Business Broker acts for the vendor/seller.
A Business Broker acts primarily for the seller with the one aim to achieve the highest sale price. Their commission is paid by the seller and is typically a percentage of the sale price, therefore the higher the sale price, the greater their commission. To achieve a sale they must be work with buyers to close a deal. In doing so they will assist a buyer however the vendor is their client and they act in the vendor's interest, not the buyer. BBA acts in the buyer's interest
Some Business Brokers do advertise a Buyers Advocacy service, in particular if they are trying to sell their existing listings. In some cases they do try to have an independent service. BBA is exclusively a Business Buyer's agent and have no interest in any one Business Brokerage firm - we are totally independent.
BBA realised that searching for the right business is difficult. There are so many businesses on the market and so many different business advertising sites that it is difficult to find the right business.

BBA has invested in a unique business search engine. Whereby buyers complete an online application and the business they are seeking will be matched by businesses currently on the market. Business Brokers and business sellers throughout Australia submit their new business listings to BBA to have them included in the search engine
BBA will do your business search and prepare a report on the top three matches that meet your application criteria.
Whilst BBA will investigate possibly hundreds of businesses in finding your match they will only prepare a report on the top three matches. Limiting the findings to the most suitable three matches makes your decision more focused and specific and saves you time and money.
The cost of a business search varies depending on the business and market. You will be assigned a Business Manager who will be involved directly with your search and preparation of the Findings Reports and ongoing assistance. The Membership Search fee will be calculated once your Business Manager has had the opportunity to review your membership application. This will be explained prior to any engagement of services
The business search will commence on receipt of your membership application and payment. The Search typically takes one week, as your Business Manager is required to verify all information provided before completing your Findings Report.
Your membership period is for three months from payment. Typically we would find a genuine buyer a suitable business within that period. If the first search does not find any matches then the search will continue until a match is found over the three month period.
During your three membership period, you have the opportunity to change criteria within your category selected. These changes do not incur any cost. Have a chat with your Business Manager to discuss any changes to your search
This can be done but will be a completely new search with new parameters. As an existing member the search fee for either will be a discounted 50% of your initial membership fee and you will be granted a new three month search period from the day of payment
If there are no matches found over the three months then BBA will extend your membership period for a further three months at no cost.
This is very unlikely unless you are looking for a very specific and unusual business. Notwithstanding if after six months, BBA is unable to find you a business match to your application then you have the choice of either having your membership search extended for a further three months at no cost or have your original membership fee refunded in full.
BBA assists buyers with assessing businesses, negotiating terms and price, assisting the buyer through to settlement and provide a network of resources if required.
BBA charges a fixed fee for services rather than a percentage. A fixed fee is transparent and locked in, in contrast to a percentage fee, and is clearly explained prior to services been undertake.
BBA would be happy to provide non emotional third party assessment of a business to be purchased
Absolutely - BBA are professional negotiators and are confident to save you thousands on the purchase price as well as negotiating the best conditions to assist you on the purchase
It is important that your Accountant and Solicitor are involved throughout the stages of a business purchase. BBA will work with your Accountant and Solicitor and any other advisors you have to get you the best result possible
BBA is happy to assist you with directing you to their network of professional services which includes Accountants, Solicitors, Financiers and Insurance professionals
Contact BBA to discuss how we can assist you with the Australian Foreign Investment guidelines and the process to purchase a business in Australia
BBA has a discreet involvement in the larger corporate acquisitions and mergers acting as an independent third party in searching and negotiating on behalf of the client. Call BBA to have a confidential discussion as to how we can assist you
If you would like a business search, complete the membership online enquiry form or call BBA direct or alternatively for more information about our services or your specific requirements, email an enquiry or contact BBA on 1300 207 431

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