Need Help Buying a Business?


Need Help Buying a Business?

Posted by BBA
25 January

If you have been searching for a business to buy,then you have entered the baffling 'Business Search Maze'. Not everything appears to be what it seems and businesses can come and go as if they never existed...."

By Rob Semmel

Business Buyers Advocacy Australia is an exclusive buyers agency assisting business buyers throughout Australia to make the right decision when investigating a business to buy. Unfortunately, many buyers rely on Business Brokers to provide them with the information and advice to assess a business to buy, forgetting the Broker works for the seller.

It is the Brokers charter to get the seller the best price and the result a higher commission for them. This is what a professional Business Broker does, that is their engagement, to represent the seller to get them the highest price for their business - they are not there to get a buyer the best deal.

Some Business Brokers provide a Buyers Advocacy service. Be careful. In many cases, this service is simply an avenue to direct buyers to their own listings. Not many car dealers direct car buyers to other car dealers they try to sell what they have in their yard.

A true Business Buyers Advocate service should be totally independent of Business Brokers and sellers. There should be no affiliation and no conflict of interest. Business Buyers Advocacy -BBA - are exclusively the buyer's agent. The buyer is our client. We don't pretend to be Buyers Advocates - we are Buyers Advocates.

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