How to Sell a Business


How to Sell a Business

Posted by BBA
10 August

When trying to sell a business you must understand what buyers are looking for and why acquisitions decisions are made. Your business must be prepared and presented correctly to genuine buyers at the perfect time.


When it comes to selling a business there can be a lot of uncertainty and a myriad of questions; How do I sell a business? How do I prepare my business for sale? What documentation do I need? What is the sales process? How do I value my business? How do I find genuine buyers? Who do I trust to help me?.


Deciding to sell a business is a big decision and with a multitude of unanswered questions can be an overwhelming and stressful process. Perhaps the most important question an owner must ask is; Why do some businesses not sell?


As business buyers advocates we know what buyers want, what they’re looking for and why acquisition decisions are made. It is critical to have the correct information accessible and presented correctly for a buyer to assess a business for sale. There are thousands of businesses for sale on the market at any one time and in order to sell, you need your business to stand out, be seen by genuine buyers, presented correctly in the best possible light and be ready for sale.


Selling a business is about timing. Often a good business for sale will go stale over time having not been sold or have been overlooked due to a lack of current information, ineffective marketing, poor sales campaign and lack of exposure to genuine buyers.


At Business Buyers Advocacy Australia we know what information our genuine buyers need to make a decision to buy and why decisions are made not to buy a business.


BBA assists clients looking to sell a business with preparing their business for sale to attract genuine buyers and guide them through the entire sales process including; preparing the required paperwork, organising the sales campaign, compiling the comprehensive business profile/information memorandum, tailored advertising with expert copywriting, price advice, sourcing buyers, qualifying leads, facilitating a deal, heads of agreement and guiding through the settlement process.


When you sell a business through a broker another critical question owners must ask is; How do I save thousands in commissions? At BBA we understand the time, passion, dedication and hard work required in building and owning a business. We like to see owners reap the financial benefits of their hard work and avoid hefty commission’s digging into their hard earned profits.


You know your business best but BBA knows what buyers want. If you want to sell a business or have a business for sale let Business Buyers Advocacy Australia find your buyer, sell your business and save you thousands.

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