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The BBA Search Engine

BBA is not affiliated with any business brokerage firm and therefore is impartial in its dealing with business brokers. The result is that BBA is in a unique position of obtaining businesses for sale information from brokers shortly after being listed.

BBA has an independent internal business search engine of businesses for sale throughout Australia. Listings and information is provided by business brokers and agents and is one of the most up to date and concise internal businesses for sale search engines available.

The search engine enables BBA to quickly identify a buyers needs and match these needs with the businesses currently available on the market. With business brokers and agents downloading their latest listings on the BBA search engine means we can provide you, as the buyer with the most recent information available and provide a search report of results.

When BBA is engaged to provide a business search, a BBA Business Manager is assigned to the buyer. The business manager is to guide the buyer through the search process and be accountable for the business search. Search results are documented and a summary report of suggested businesses is prepared and discussed with the buyer.

Matching business are verified for accuracy and currency and assessed as to whether they qualify for further investigation.

To have a successful search your Business Manager must be fully aware of your requirements and motivations to own a business.

To discuss our business searches and what is required please contact BBA

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