Investigation Details

Investigating The Business

We can assist you with assessing the business and determining its market value.

Identifying a business to buy that appears to be operating successfully is an exciting moment. Emotions can take over and decisions clouded by promises and expectations.

Many businesses are not what they appear to be or maybe simply an avenue to buy a job.

It is at this point that a non-emotional, realistic assessment of the business needs to be undertaken. All aspects of the business need to be addressed including but not limited to trading history, personnel operations, location, financials, growth and returns.

BBA can provide a business assessment to assist you with your decision. This assessment is completed before an offer is made and before too much time has been invested in the business. The assessment may highlight many issues that need to be addressed during Due Diligence or information required before an offer is tabled.

Price and Conditions

Whilst BBA are not sworn valuers, they have significant experience in determining a market value range of a business. The value of a business includes many factors but ultimately is based on its operations and recent financial performance whilst the value to a buyer is the potential to grow the business to obtain a reasonable return and increase the overall value for an eventual sale.

Conditions of sale are an important component of a purchase. BBA can assist the buyer in determining an expected purchase price and ensure conditions are included that will assist the buyer through the purchase process.

Independent Assessment

In some cases, buyers have identified a business through their own research and simply require assistance as to the feasibility of the business or an independent assessment. BBA are able to assist a buyer in making the decision to proceed to negotiation stage or withdraw from proceedings.

Having a third party assess a potential business prior to an offer is an important stage of the purchase process.

Let BBA assist you with assessing your business purchase.

Want A Business Assessed?

Talk to one of our expert business analysts today. Finding the perfect business to buy is already a daunting task. Our business specialists are there to assist you with your decision.