Negotiating the Best Offer

Negotiating - Let us get you the best deal.

Our professional negotiators can help you save thousands of dollars by negotiating the purchase price and terms of a business on your behalf.

The greatest savings to be made on a business purchase is at the negotiation table. Negotiations are not just about price but also include various conditions and timing of events.

BBA are professional negotiators. We know how businesses are priced and marketed and understand the issues and conditions of a purchase to provide the best deal for a business buyer. BBA takes the emotion out of negotiations and deals directly with the brokers, agents or sellers, to obtain the best price and conditions for the buyer.

Our negotiation fees are fixed and agreed so the buyer can assess all costs relating to the purchase. A fixed fee is transparent whereby a percentage fee charged on the purchase price is not in the buyers interest. Notwithstanding typically the savings made on negotiations far exceed the negotiation fee.

BBA takes the emotion out of dealing with business brokers. Brokers are professional negotiators and rely on many tactics, particularly dealing with a buyers passion, inexperience and enthusiasm to get the maximum price for their clients. Having BBA negotiate on your behalf will get you the best result. The brokers know it.

Having BBA as your professional negotiators to purchase a business will save you thousands of dollars. BBA will ensure your offer covers all conditions and forms part of a Heads of Agreement and/or contract of sale.

Our professional negotiators will make sure you get the best deal. Have a dedicated BBA negotiator close your deal. Give us a call to find out how.

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