Assisting through till Settlement

Settlement - Holding your hand step by step.

Finding the right business to buy is time consuming and eventually presenting an offer that is accepted can be a challenge, but the deal is not complete until settlement.

Leading up to settlement can be a lengthy process and will involve both your accountant and solicitor, ensuring all your interests are covered, particularly from a tax and legal perspective.

BBA can assist through the total process and work closely with your professional advisors to ensure a smooth process.

The Heads of Agreement, prepared on offer will stipulate certain conditions to be met and times that must be adhered. BBA can assist step by step throughout the process and provide support at each stage.

Conditions may include: Due Diligence - Trial period - Landlord approval - Finance approval - Franchisor approval. The list depends on the type of transaction taken place.

Let BBA help you throughout the purchase process. Give us a call to discuss

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